We often talk about the role of the CIO among the executives and how things are changing. In the past the conversation is often who has the power for the investments in your business? Is it the CTO or the CIO? A recent article in Forbes provides an example of how this might be moving in a different direction in the future, specifically predicting that CMOs will spend more on IT then the CIOs by 2017.

What is changing? There are two main factors to consider. :
• Marketing is becoming increasingly technology based and data driven
• Big Data is now key to competitive advantage in many industries

The Marketing investments and organizations continue to go digital. This was highlighted with specific data points in the recent webinar by Gartner analyst Laura McLellan. Specifically, Only 4.7% growth is expected in IT Budgets in 2012 vs. 9% growth in Marketing Budgets. What are we referring to exactly? Well, it might simply be the tools used in demand generation or CRM and ERP systems. The complexity can vary based on the department size and structure as well as responsibilities (regional vs. global).

The Big Data opportunity in most companies is significant. It is not only critical to obtain this data, but also how to obtain insights and act upon them in upcoming decisions. This relates back to our previous blog post that highlighted the top priority for ITAM staff is effective communication. Clearly the understanding of the marketing investments, platforms and procedures is required for the CIO’s organization to function in an efficient and effective manner going forward. Connecting your technologies, including your assets, contracts and licenses through a tool such as the RACSystem provides a single source of data, ROI measurements and tracking of the global sourcing data for your environment.

IT Asset Management is critical regardless which organization(s) are utilizing the tools. The collaboration between the organizations is the link to success. For those readers who might be interested in optimizing these investments, contact the RAY ALLEN team today to discuss how we can help you optimize the environment.

And for those of you who are already experiencing this environment in your business with increased spending and influence from Marketing, let us know in the comments below!