Gartner has estimated the worldwide IT outsourcing market to reach $288 Billion in 2013, an increase of 2.8 percent from the previous year. Specific to North America, ITO will continue growing with more predictability in the costs. The emphasis toward “asset-light” strategies will drive increased demand for the externally provided services.

The “Big Data” theme has become one of the greatest buzzwords in the tech industry today. It crosses over the many budgets in a business today, from marketing to the basis of many new innovations and offerings. A structured program to guide the integration and use of that data in the business is very important. From internal policies and procedures to industry standards and reporting guidelines, there is a great amount of work involved. While many people will go on learning about the new information and what to do, it will also lead to more use cases with what you have now.

Managing the data, including the old and new is a challenge. What the expected business results and objectives are relate to the metrics and measurements of success. Understanding the business owner, as well as the responsible team (whether internal or external) will help in the policies, timelines and overall continuity in the plans. Clearly the proprietary information such as the internal IT Network and related IT Assets should be stored and secured according to the business storage and security policies.

Organization of the assets, the processes and the teams are critical to succeed in today’s market. We will continue the conversation in the next post on the Big Data topic and how the metrics involved work and should be aligned in the business.