The Four Impacts of Big Data in the Enterprise

How sure are you that a startup located thousands of miles away in a remote corner of the world is not silently creating technology that will disrupt your industry? Well, that’s the question that CEOs of all major companies, not just the tech companies, are asking themselves. After all, the businesses that Uber, Amazon, and […] Read More

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Opportunities and Challenges

Technology industry experts and observers have been talking about Fourth Industrial Revolution for a few years now. What does it mean? Is it some new buzzword coined by the industry to promote a new kind of technology? Does it have any impact on the businesses at large? These questions and many more are on the […] Read More

Stimulating Innovation in the Enterprise

  Advancements in technology have rendered many a jobs obsolete and companies bankrupt over the past few years. Disruptive innovation is almost impossible to predict in any industry. But, it can shake the very foundations of an industry when it happens. For instance, the advent of digital cameras and Kodak’s inability to make the best […] Read More

What can you accomplish in 10 years?

Not only is 2014 off to a great success for the team at RAY ALLEN, but in March we are kicking off the 10 year anniversary celebration over 10 months in 2014! “Ten years ago I cofounded RAY ALLEN INC with the mission of streamlining IT Asset Management for the global enterprises to make them […] Read More

CIOs – Accelerating Change in the Business

Years ago, the CIO in most enterprises were always on the outlook for any hidden projects or investments taking place within the business that had not obtained their approvals and controls. This might have started with a new email software, monitoring social media, or big data storage to name a few of the recent investment […] Read More

CIOs and Innovation: IT Enabled Business Value

As we approach the final month of 2012, there is a great deal of buzz about the increased pressure on the CIO Decisions and the balance of power and impact in the business with the others in the business, such as those in development (CTO) and external facing roles (CMO). It was mentioned at a […] Read More

Innovation in Chicago: RAY ALLEN Receives 2012 Best of Chicago Award

Earlier this year, RAY ALLEN Inc was selected for the 2012 Best of Chicago Award in the Computer Software Development category by the Chicago Award Program, as displayed on our website. Each year, the Chicago Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These […] Read More