The last 12 months were an interesting ride for those in IT leadership positions as well as RAY ALLEN INC. These only solidified the need for IT Asset Management in the business, while also linking the critical skills for leaders in IT and the executive team. Here’s a look back at our updates and announcements from the past year.

The priorities for IT leadership will continue to change as there are diverse requirements for funding, consumption and management of IT across the enterprise. According to Gartner, only 4.7% growth is expected in IT budgets, while the marketing budget is expected to grow by 9%. The effective communication required by the IT Department is critical for the CIO’s organization to succeed. A tool such as the RACSystem is ideal to help the organization with a single source of data, ROI metrics and tracking of the global data for your enterprise. Furthermore, RAY ALLEN INC has introduced a variety of programs that can link the channels together, such as the Total Partner Care program.

The presence at the variety of conferences was a great opportunity for our customers, both current and prospective to learn more about the ongoing innovation and updates from RAY ALLEN INC. We attended both the Cisco Live conference and Gartner Summit with booth presence to demo our RACSystem along with new developments, such as the RACS Reflect iPad application.

The increase in online presence and updates in the IT Asset Management field will continue. RAY ALLEN has a solution specifically designed to work with the constant change and global reach of the IT organizations of today. It addresses the data integrity required for ongoing audits and budgeting while also saving time and expenses. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.