What is ITAM for the Network?

In the world of IT Asset Management, vendors and practices come in a variety of scopes and disciplines. However, an organization’s unique ITAM needs must align to the products and structure of its IT department.

How to Convince Customers of Your Recurring Value

Your bottom line depends on conveying your value to your customer. From implementation to license usage to renewals, providing value visibility at every step will increase customer retention and ensure continued revenue for years to come. But mismanaged renewals can lead to wasted operational expenditure, expired contracts, and at-risk uncovered assets. The last-minute scramble to […] Read More

Don’t Forget This Key Element of Your Customer Experience

As partners shift towards Cisco’s software-centric Customer Experience model of recurring revenue, hardware asset management occasionally becomes a secondary concern. Subscription software licensing allows businesses to run smoothly on a day-to-day basis, and as a result, software asset management has become the focus of many enterprises. In fact, software renewals and recurring revenue are core […] Read More

Outlook for 2019 : IT Budgets Set to Balloon

The budget season is upon us. Business leaders and professionals crunch the numbers of the present year, take into account the medium-term forecasts, and prepare their budgets for the next financial and calendar year. Tech Pro Research surveyed IT professionals to gauge the corporate sentiment towards IT budgets, and their findings bear positive notes for […] Read More

IT Budgeting Season 2019-2020: Three Things to Consider

Gartner, in its latest report, Worldwide IT Spending Forecast, predicted that worldwide IT spending would grow by 6.2% in 2018 and by 2.8% in 2019. That firmly puts the projected global IT budget at a whopping $3.85 trillion for 2019. Will that be enough? Analysts believe ‘probably not’! Budgeting has been a herculean struggle for […] Read More

Future of IT: Changing CIO Roles and Planning for Tomorrow

Over the past decade, the IT department in organizations has evolved from serving a supporting role to handling a more strategic role. This paradigm shift is bringing with it a sea of challenges for the CIOs, effectively changing their jobs in profound ways.  Businesses across the spectrum realize the importance of digital technology to their […] Read More

Security for Successful IT Asset Management

Since the year 2004, more than 9 billion personal records have been stolen by hackers who managed to breach corporate and government agencies. That’s more than the entire human population! Clearly, some people’s data has been compromised at least twice by agencies with whom they had entrusted their data. Sadly, that number is rapidly growing! […] Read More

5 Ways to Measure and Demonstrate the Business Value of IT

For every enterprise – big, small, online, and brick & mortar – it is all about the business, not about the technology. Senior decision-makers, who are tasked with assigning the scarce resources of the organization, do not care about the technology, solutions, or advancements that the IT department is working on. What they do care […] Read More