Are you in the hairball of confusion in your company? This is referring to the many data points of information, details and decisions that are present in the everyday operations of the company. As we discussed in the previous post, the integration and use of the data is extremely important to have clear business results aligned with expectations and goals.

The recent news on the PRISM project is a great example. It reminds you that you should govern all of the data that you want as well as don’t want. The metrics and data are also critical to the data quality in order to make sense of the millions of data points collected. The use and plans for the data, from past and present to the future is key to manage trending, analysis and future planning decisions.

This brings the discussion back to your everyday environment – what are you doing with the data? Are you collecting all of the information that is required for ongoing audits, analyses and planning? The application of an IT Asset Management solution as well as an external staff dedicated to your IT environment and success plans will clearly assist any organization, regardless of industry and location to better plan, forecast and purchase going forward.