Senior Leadership has organized a new set of metrics that the management team must follow, and also distributed the expectations for the new year. The fast paced environment that many organizations are used to has allowed the IT spend to grow as fast as or faster than the revenues. However, in today’s economy, the investments and activities of the IT organization must be created in the right order and priority, resolving any barriers to completion or success within the business and operate within budget.

Alignment with other business units and organizations
The best business decisions include alignment across the IT organization as well as the many others, such as finance, sales and marketing. After promoting the right business decisions, the client (other business units) will have a greater satisfaction and allow the IT organization to have centralized control and leadership over the data, architecture and performance. The challenge of who is managing the relationships with the vendors, what is staffed internally vs outsourced and the source of funding all impact the different business units.

Results and Metrics
All management teams have performance metrics. These might originate in management or corporate leadership, but people and processes must align as well. The understanding of the customer or shareholder value that is expected from the overall investment or project is the first data point. That is followed by the process and policy where things must be standardized and consistent in a definitive manner. The implementation of the new investment must also be flexible and scalable in today’s environment, especially in the high growth worlds of mobile and big data that are a top priority to all enterprises. The summary point results in the measurement and enforcement areas, where the metrics from the process and overall value result in the overall adoption across the business and/or its customers.

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