Customer Centric Companies: Guidance for today’s CIOs

For a long time now IT has been serving the internal business customers who then serve the organization’s customers. Well there has been a great shift. Such days are long gone, CIOs are now in the era ‘the Age of the customer’. When compared to the age of information that lasted for almost two decades, […] Read More

Role of CIO: Business Enabler or Service Provider

CMO and CIOs The recent past has seen a lot of comparisons and contrasting of the CIO and CMO positions as well as their relevance to the organization. Gartner predicts that CMO’s are most likely to have a bigger budget share than their CIO counterparts in the organization. So what leads to this apparent shift? […] Read More

CFO Accuracy: Analytics, Insights and Communication

With accuracy at the source point, CFOs have a burden to ensure that there are efficient and effective systems that will process the data. The conversation going on the world over is on big data, but we cannot underestimate the value of small data. Organizations need to invest in data infrastructure, analytics tools, personnel and […] Read More

How to get the edge with data-driven decisions

Data makes the foundation successful business ventures as it is the raw material that is used to generate quality information to inform quality decisions. Data collection continues to accelerate in the business world. Companies which still lag behind in implementing accurate data collection risk losing out in the market. Accuracy, real-time and insightful data is […] Read More

Business Value of IT

Senior Leadership has organized a new set of metrics that the management team must follow, and also distributed the expectations for the new year. The fast paced environment that many organizations are used to has allowed the IT spend to grow as fast as or faster than the revenues. However, in today’s economy, the investments […] Read More