As the fourth quarter of 2012 is underway, there is increased pressure on the CIOs. This ranges from the trends in technology, globalization and governments. The CIO is seen as the go-to person often to improve efficiencies. CIO Magazine highlighted this in a recent article. The knowledge and exposure to other organizations and the investments empowers them to help drive growth, improve time to market and utilize the customer intelligence for strategic decisions.

Immediate Impact
The top perception of the CIO organization is a “Service Provider”. They are seen as efficient and effective for delivery of their services. The challenge that they have with other non –IT leaders is often on the topics of costs and competition. The IT staff focus will tend to lean toward the costs in the business rather than competition, which might be on top of mind for those in development (CTO) or external facing roles (CMO).

Greatest Flexibility
Simplification of IT processes to drive innovation in the business. That is a specific project that is enabling better flexibility in the business at Northwestern Mutual, as highlighted in a recent interview. The results include improved financial capacity, reduced risk and a simplified technology environment. The convergence in the IT environments and organizations continues to drive that innovation across the people, processes and technology.

At RAY ALLEN, our team can help your organization achieve the timely impact in a flexible manner. There are many enterprises utilizing our solutions today as our platform evolves with the ever-changing environment for the CIO and their organizations.