Today’s IT environment is dynamic and always changing. The complexity is increasing with the global expansion and number of sites to manage, as well as the diversity of software/hardware vendors to address. The varieties also exist with the different vendors and the types of rules to align with the license as well as the company’s environment. How are you addressing this today?

Controls begin with information. In order to obtain that information, you require the discovery phase, to understand your environment and the assets that are present at the moment. This might include virtual as well as physical assets in today’s IT environments. It is also important to know what is actually live and being utilized right now and what is required for any upcoming audits that might take place. By knowing what is actually in use today, you can also save costs and plan appropriately for the upcoming months, quarters and years. Last but not least, the comparison with the vendor listings and inventory is critical to compare as well, as that is the key to your bottom line and finances.

What is being used in the environment today? How are you utilizing the purchases at this time, and do you have maintenance contracts for all of your assets that are being used? Regardless of the environment or budget in the business, you need to understand the contracts and terms that you are operating under today, and what if any impacts you might have when you are audited, or consider changes in the infrastructure and network.

The team at RAY ALLEN INC encourages all IT leaders to review additional details and insights beyond this simple blog post. With the new style of leadership in the IT and Finance organizations, the optimization of your license is a proactive manner to manage your environment and the services provided by the IT organization, while also aligning with the tight business goals and metrics. We are ready to analyze and support your environments and optimize across a variety of vendors and locations. For more information, please contact us today.