Today’s CIO addresses challenges and changes across the business. They are exposed to end-to-end processes, procedures and policies that they watch the operations and investments for. All of these activities looking at the environment and operations of today, while planning and forecasting for tomorrow.

Customer Focus

The spending trends are moving around the C Suite of today’s business. The CIO is no longer the only one with major investments in hardware, software and services, or the projects related to the IT and Operations staff. Instead with the increased requirements in the big data world of today’s economy, we notice the increased influence of the Sales and Marketing leaders, especially with the surge in social. As a result of these trends, the CIO must maintain a balanced view of their legacy roles and responsibilities, as well as the new extensions and additions. Their customer is not simply the external customers of the company or service offering of the brand, but also the many internal customers in the other organizations.


IT Management has three C’s that are critical to watch: changes, challenges and customers. Whether the IT assets and investments are located in the HQ location, or overseas, they are still responsible for the accuracy of the IT inventory with the constant changes and updates. The challenges increase beyond the multinational environments and worldwide presence to the lifecycle management of the IT investments and assets. What quarter is the renewal? Do we have maintenance coverage on all of our assets currently? When is the expiration date? Project management is required to accurately track and manage the coordination that is critical for IT Management, beyond the simple PMO function and instead into the finite details of hardware and software migration for their internal customers across the enterprise.

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