Natural disasters are experienced around the world on an ongoing basis – whether it is an earthquake, hurricane or meteor as we have observed in recent months. The impact might be to your central point of information and assets, or simply one of the many global sites in your business. This is a kind reminder to remind all of the IT leaders of the disaster recovery plans and what is in place to ensure continuity and or recovery, with minimal to zero downtime. Whether the IT equipment is simply damaged or destroyed, a key to restoring the environment and address the replacements of your assets (both hardware and software) is the data, stored in the IT Asset Management system.

We now operate in an economy where differentiation can come down to days, hours and minutes rather than weeks, months, or years. The IT Asset Management system is a critical component to the People, Processes and Technology that will take the actions in restoring the environments. Refinement and ongoing improvement of your processes is appropriate if you should already have an IT Asset Management program in place, and specifically when you have a global presence with the team and IT Assets. We have all observed the need for compliance increase over the years after laws such as Sarbanes-Oxley and the Data Protection Act were introduced.

The steps to follow are standard and known, especially with an IT Asset Management program in place that contains all of your critical information. This includes the tracking of your assets, both hardware and software, real time reporting on the information and specific details, as well as alignment with the systems in your business. The right system will enable your IT organization to respond in a timely manner and ensure that the data is available, regardless of the distributed global workforce. The final benefit will exceed well beyond the timely recovery and cost controls into the expertise of the team and employee retention.

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