The latest trends in IT Asset Management will be explored at the upcoming Gartner Summit in September, where RAY ▪ ALLEN is an exhibitor and Silver Sponsor.  As the role of asset management grows along with the demand of the skills associated, Gartner has identified six skills that are critical for the leaders in ITAM (IT Asset Management), all of which align closely with the RACSystem and the expertise that the RAY ▪ ALLEN team shares with its clients.

Top priority for success of the ITAM staff is effective communication.  It is critical from the initial proposal and purpose of the organization as well as the processes, procedures and tools. The importance is multiplied when the organization is multinational and the IT assets, budgets, external vendors and consultants have greater diversity.  “Good communicators are often good negotiators, and effective communication skills will ensure that ITAM can build the important relationships with the finance, legal, procurement and technical specialists (such as enterprise architects) required for an effective ITAM team,” said Victoria Barber, Director at Gartner.

In order of importance, the other five skills required for ITAM team members include technical, administrative, financial, negotiation and legal skills.  The technical and administrative skill sets are critical to understand the variations in licenses, including time based tracking across the developing technologies and licensing models.  Administrative abilities in tracking, attention to detail and specific process/procedures are an essential link between the technical legal and financial areas of expertise.

Coordination with financial teams is another common requirement in order to progress forward with the negotiation and legal areas of the asset management.  The contract management is crucial to correct data in the lease management software, such as the RACSystem, as well as compliance.  Barber’s statement that the IT Asset Management profiles “should take account of current and future needs for skills and experience to manage an ever-changing environment” is validated by RAY ▪ ALLEN ‘s presence in over 750 enterprises which are located in over 140 countries around the world.

That’s a portion of the insights from the hosts of the Gartner Summit in September.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts on what RAY ▪ ALLEN will be presenting in a couple of months.