Cisco Live was the highlight of this week for the RAY ALLEN Team!   Our team highlighted our solutions and announcements at Booth 1218 this year and we were excited to share our success stories and solutions with those attending the annual Cisco event.  Our theme this year was focused on Clarity and Control as highlighted in our press release.  The annual IT and communications conference provided a perfect foundation for the RAY ALLEN team to share the updates to their service portfolio.

Themes at the conference included a strong security focus, aligned closely with our theme in recent months where the blog highlighted what is required for success in security in 2016. Security is not limited to locking down, rather it is a solution that aligns with the network and customer locations anywhere.  The incorporation of recent acquisitions, such as OpenDNS and Meraki were clear highlights as well as the outlook and direction shared by Chuck Robbins, the CEO of Cisco.  The diversity of Cisco, its solutions and its ecosystem will continue to change over time, and time will tell what is presented in the future.

As enterprises are managing their migration to Cisco One – our team is prepared to provide the solutions and services aligned with your IT Assets and technology environment. The benefits to the enterprise reach across the organization, from cost reduction, to customer satisfaction.  Whether you are operating a legacy, hybrid or virtual network – our team at RAY ALLEN helps eliminate the challenges with software compliance.   As highlighted by our CEO, Todd Ringleman, ““Organizations require their own mix of information, from configuration and maintenance coverage to financial management including renewals and cost control.  The RACSystem provides customers a clear, flexible set of options with the range of services that the business will need.” Utilization results in a higher level of customer satisfaction as the customers have the ability to update the dynamic global IT environments, from anywhere, anytime.

Overall, the showcase of the latest Cisco innovations and interests were a great experience again this year – from the networking and announcements to the collaboration among the other tech professionals. The RAY ALLEN solutions will enable enterprises to manage their technology and spend in a predictable and consistent manner. This aligns with the goals and expectations across the leadership team from information technology, to finance and operations as we all evolve through the digital transformations of today’s enterprise.