Summer is a busy time for most people. Families take time off from school and long weekends at the beach. For businesses like real estate or construction, summer can be hectic. It is difficult to execute new business projects during this period because most critical people are usually on vacation. Summer slowdown is mostly an alarming time from a revenue point of view. From another perspective, however, the extra time that comes with summer can be an excellent opportunity to wrap up some work that could not be completed when things were in a state of frenzy. Most businesses experience a slump in production and sales during the summer. Below are some tips to help you make the most of the summer and boost the growth of your business.

Maintain a positive attitude and review your business growth
Attitude goes a long way in inspiring your co-workers. It is important to have a positive attitude both in the inside and out. Always be conscious of the mood you are in because that can reflect onto other employees.  During the summer, take time to answer some essential questions as it pertains to the growth and development of your business. The review should answer some questions like; is your business on track? Have new opportunities opened? Is there progress or setback? Why? By asking and answering these questions, you can inspire and motivate your employees to do better.

Start a summer challenge
Gather your tea, together and hold a brainstorming session to discover new ways to improve your company over the summer. This is process sends a message to your employees that contrary to the normal beliefs of some individual, summer is not a season to slack off. You’re not asking your employees to do a lot. A small win or improvement will go a log way in boosting morale and productivity of your employees.  Without proper plan and execution, you can steer off course due to the whole summer excitement. You need to make proper plans and properly execute them, especially during the summer because of distractions. To make the goal feasible to both you and your employees, regularly check completed tasks and update new tasks to replace the completed tasks.

Keep employees engaged and consider outdoor activities
Always make sure that your employees are always engaged in one activity or the other to avoid them from falling into the summer slump. Try putting some people to supervise new, fun and exciting tasks. By doing this, you show them that you are sure of their competence either as team players or leaders.  Gathering your employees together outside the working environment regardless of how small the activity is; can boost their creativity and improve their ability to work together as a team. Everyone needs a little bit of fun to prevent exhaustion and boredom. Try to implement the spirit of summer into your daily activities. Many will take longer vacations or leaves during this time.  You can also give them the freedom to take the afternoon off or leaving a little bit earlier with schedule flexibility.  It might not seem like a great idea, but employees are focused and motivated to get more work done when they know the day is going to be shorter than usual.

Always reach out to clients and make sure to reward exceptional performers
It is difficult to reach out to people when you’re overwhelmed with a lot of work activities. A summer slowdown gives you the free time you need to make contacts with your clients you’ve worked with, presently working with or intending to work with. With the opening in your schedule, you can reach out by meeting up clients for coffee or lunch. Never fail to acknowledge and reward outstanding performances among your employees. One you reward hard work during the summer, employees will put in more effort to ensure that they get rewarded next time. Rewards can come in the form of a small bonus or a gift that you can hand on the wall of your company or any restaurant. Keeping your employees motivated and engaged in the summer will help everyone prepare for what is next.

Todd Ringleman

Todd Ringleman

Founder, CEO at RAY • ALLEN INC
Todd Ringleman is Founder and CEO of RAY • ALLEN INC. Under Todd’s leadership, RAY • ALLEN INC has grown from a disruptive idea into a leading partner in the IT Asset Management and Recurring Revenue market.
Todd Ringleman

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