Many enterprises already have some type of tracking for the IT Assets. It might include information such as serial numbers, asset tags, locations and cost center affiliation collected over time. However the management and ongoing updates is a challenge, with the increased diversity of assets as well as the global locations of many companies. The IT Asset Inventory must be accurate in order to address all of the demands in the business, both current and future. How is that possible? We are going to highlight the areas of asset management and software management, both critical for the overall analysis and decision making process.

Asset Management
Do you know where your assets are located? When was the last time the data was updated? Is this data aligned with your provider, such as Cisco and their records? This data as well as the specific details such as the dates of purchase and return, tracking of the RMA are required for the validation. A web based application is available to manage this for you, minimizing the concerns and addressing the ongoing adjustments to ensure that you have complete inventory control. The ongoing updates and validation across the global IT environment helps avoid the human error that might occur with the old spreadsheet model that is still in use by some organizations today.

Software Management
We all know how the IT environment goes beyond the physical hardware and location details. The contracts with the vendors and software assets should align with what is in operation and working currently, in order to effectively manage the IT budgets. The ideal IT Asset Management solution will address both the assets as well as software and provide overall cost savings and efficiencies to the business. The real time reporting, contract information and comparison with the vendor data is helpful to avoid duplicate coverage, unsupported devices and unnecessary expenses.

The activities will include the IT organization with the policies and procedures that have been established for everything from procurement and deployment. By providing improved tracking of the hardware and software assets, it prepares the team for upcoming audits and compliance checks. The CIO leader will usually request assessments in order to prevent any disputes later on the licenses. How are you addressing this today? Are you interested in learning more about the RAY ALLEN solution, which provides ongoing analysis, support and planning for your team?