Where is your company Headquarters? Is the IT and Operations Team located there? The entire team or simply the senior leadership? Whatever the answers might be for your organizations, the needs are the same. IT Asset Management is a Global Challenge, requiring accountability, data integrity and visibility. In the 4Q of 2012, senior decision makers were surveyed and 77 percent of the organizations that expect their IT assets to be audited in the next year would struggle to conduct this audit report. If the company would face a financial penalty for this non-compliance, it is expected to be high.

Accountability is something that is critical from the very beginning. It is not a one-time issue only applicable at the time of an audit or checkpoint. This relates to all three areas of the IT organizations, the people, processes and technology. If the organization is not provided with clarity on the roles and responsibilities, this will have a ripple effect to the processes and technology. The IT leadership team should always define the strategy and desired results with metrics that are clear and understood to all of the team members, regardless of their location in today’s global economy.

2012 was also the year of Big Data, whether it was the CMO, CIO, CTO or the boardroom. The amount of data available in today’s digital world and businesses is leading to more experimentation and struggles across the teams. This data and information is not helpful or used if the organization lacks the data integrity. The IT organization should ensure that controls are in place that synchronize and reconcile the data between business units and budgets. The systems that store the data require the stability, security and reliability for all of those accessing the information.

The IT Asset Management solutions are diverse and address a variety of environments. The Flexibility and Visibility are key factors to ensure success in your organization, especially with the diverse IT environments and organizations working to innovate globally across the people, processes and technology. The recent Gartner survey has only validated the need for IT organizations to utilize technologies such as the RACSystem to help drive visibility into the worldwide organizations to plan and track data for the audits and investments for the organization.

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