It is one thing to build out your network in the enterprise, but it is another thing to manage and sustain it on a cost effective and efficient manner. Many companies do not always have the expertise in-house to optimize, analyze and maintain the network and IT assets that are included. That provides the ideal scenario for the IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution, such as RACS.

A critical component to success in the IT or Operations team is the accuracy. This can align across the lifecycle of the equipment and assets in the organization as the timely gathering of data, analysis and orders/returns are all a piece to the overall resolution and closure of an IT deliverable. Clearly a prompt response decreases the number of calls, tickets and time (hours) overall that are required by the IT organization. Through RACS, the RAY ALLEN team ensures all asset data is correct and relevant, and keeps the external parties informed. The IT assets are managed across locations efficiently with innovative tools, processes and people.

When the enterprise should choose to centralize the IT Management roles, the challenge continue as they are no longer in the various locations where the IT assets and equipment is located. A centralized management tool that provides a proactive update to the department improves the data accuracy and financial forecasting that is required. Optimization of the costs and planning ahead is required as the fees associated with hardware, maintenance and support on the network equipment continues to rise. The coherent view of the equipment on a global basis along with all updates, plans and priorities in mind for the technical teams ensures the future value of the ITAM software in the business.

The IT department is already making many decisions regardless of what tools are in use. However, this view is a requirement for today’s CTO and multichannel organizations to align with client expectations. IT Asset Management software provides alignment across the data and best practices to make the best decision for the enterprise.