IT Assets continue to increase in diversity and types of assets. The business leaders of today have greater challenges to face with the global locations and various settings around the world in the dynamic environments with more complexity. How do they align with the business units? Which cost center is responsible for these assets? Who will monitor this to ensure compliance?

Diverse Environments
Clearly there are a variety of options for the IT Managers and organization to manage these assets. Some teams use manual and rudimentary procedures such as a simple spreadsheet to manage these lists, while others have complex policies, procedures and tools that are used for the configuration and change management on a regular basis. The need for IT Management to address the dynamics in both strategy and technology is critical for success.

RAY ALLEN is an independent partner that focuses on one thing: managing end customer assets. We work with the largest Cisco Partners and Customers, along with Cisco Teams directly, to create a Best in Class solution. We deliver unparalleled capabilities by providing a sophisticated, highly customizable web based application, as well as a highly trained account management team. If you are considering attending the upcoming Cisco Live event in Orlando, please contact us today.

Cisco Live
The challenges continue to evolve for leaders, and learn how Cisco and industry executives provide cutting –edge technology to support the business objectives you are working toward in 2013. You will have the opportunity to speak with Cisco executives and join a great community of IT leaders through Cisco Live 365. Aligned with these challenges, there is an IT Management Program
at Cisco Live in Orlando this year, designed for those with the hybrid roles and interests in both IT and business teams.

We hope to see you at Cisco Live in Orlando next month, to share your knowledge and experiences with other industry leaders! Make sure to stop by Booth 228 to meet the RAY ALLEN team.