Mutual Success is the Only Success

At RAY ALLEN, we believe that maintaining ITAM independence fosters mutual success, especially when you’re engaged in renewing business with your Customer. Success comes when a renewal results in a win-win situation and thus, creates the foundation for a trusted, long-term recurring revenue relationship.

Take a look at our Renewal Case Study, which shows how we grew and accelerated renewal mutual success in one of our global service provider accounts, and how it established a trusted advisor role with the customer for over 4 years!

Case Study:
Increased Recurring Revenue with Lower % of Unmanaged Customer Assets

Learn about our Global Assessment Process and our single source of truth solution for tracking your hardware and software assets, managing asset utilization and service coverage, which lays the groundwork for renewal process optimization. Let us demonstrate how our ITAM/SAM best practices can increase renewal rates up to 90%, while reducing the number of customer unmanaged assets and software licenses to below 10%. We’ll also show you how this level of ITAM independence and mutual success transforms the relationship from vendor to trusted advisor, which ultimately leads to new opportunities and continued business growth.
Streamline your renewals process by conducting a Global Assessment. Follow our four easy steps by downloading the whitepaper today.
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