We are now five months into our 10 year anniversary celebration and it is time to go West!  That’s right .  The RAY ALLEN team is visiting San Francisco next week for the annual Cisco Live Conference in San Francisco.  The team will be presenting in Booth #223 this year, and hope that you stop by when you are attending the conference.

Five is an important number to note – as May is the fifth month of 2014, when we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  The business has expanded successfully to where we are today, managing over 5 million assets across the globe, and excited to have relationships with many partners such as Cisco.  Finally, it is a fast fact that it was five years ago in 2009 when the Cisco Live event was also hosted in San Francisco!

The Internet of Things is a common theme at the conference this year as we are living and working in an ever-connected world.  The economy of today includes information and data that is connecting everything together, from your references in mobile apps or television stations, to your home temperature, safety devices such as smoke and security alarms, to your personal accessories such as your glasses or watch tracking everything you do.  The RAY ALLEN team might not be running in the annual Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco, but they are participating in the Fitbit Challenge and tracking their success!  Stop by their booth and compare your experiences.

Linking of the data is ongoing in the enterprise, and the RAY ALLEN professional solutions are all linked and connected together.  The Install Base Lifecycle Management and Smart Net Total Care Solutions are two specific examples that will be highlighted at this year’s conference.  Contact the team today to learn more about the specific customer solutions working with the variety of data in technical, financial, administrative and legal areas.  The global business provides solutions with a variety of manufacturers as well as VARs and Fortune 2000 companies.

Enjoy the Cisco Live show and we hope to meet you next week!