It’s hard to believe that another conference is just a week away! If you plan on attending the Gartner Summit we encourage you to visit our booth S13 to view a demo of our RACSystem. RAY ALLEN is a Silver Sponsor of the 2012 Summit this week.

Many topics are trending this year within the annual gathering for the IT financial, procurement and asset management community. The topics to be covered include: cloud computing, software audits, effective vendor management, understanding IT costs and managing vendor audits.

The value of IT is known to everyone across the business community, however there are ongoing changes on the sources of funding, consumption and management for IT in the enterprise. This makes the environment and assets more difficult to control and manage, which is where IT Asset Management has become more popular and necessary in the recent articles.

Increased attention and funding in the business will help, but RAY ALLEN believes that a complete solution for the enterprise that presents effective communication of the technical, administrative, financial and legal components is critical for success. This is why we have introduced the Total Partner Care program recently, which also provides the ability for VARS and their Partners to manage their end customers’ IT assets and the financial implications such as maintenance contracts and leases.

Contact us at to schedule a meeting at the Gartner Summit from Wednesday Sept. 12 through Friday Sept. 14, 2012. We will also be showing a live demo of Coltrane, our upcoming release of the RACSystem (link) along with our iPad app and more.

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando!