Cisco Live, the industry’s best educational initiative by Cisco, brings together hundreds of industry leaders, experts, and Cisco partners to share their knowledge and ideas for the future of IT and Networking. The event’s Australia edition, Cisco Live Australia 2017, just wrapped up last week. This flagship event included the industry’s who’s who, and many leaders in the ecosystem, including our RAY ALLEN Team at booth 18 at the show in Melbourne, Australia.

Understand How to Achieve Desired Goals

The IT industry is changing so rapidly that it is humanly impossible to keep track of every new innovation. This is where Cisco Live comes into the picture. Hundreds of sessions are organized on how to tackle a variety of challenges at work by leveraging technology. A lot many of these integrate the innovations directly with the business goals of organizations. This way, you know exactly how to make use of various technologies to drive the desired outcomes at organizational level.

Meet the Experts and Partners – Like RAY ALLEN INC

Cisco Live provides you unrestricted access to Cisco Live Speakers who design and develop the various Cisco solutions. You can finally understand why the Cisco solutions work the way they do by directly asking the people who developed them. Apart from the experts, you can also meet Cisco Partners face-to-face. Cisco has a massive and thriving community of partners who develop truly innovative products to address the next generation of challenges in the technology space. Meetings with partners like the RAY ALLEN team enable enterprises to learn how our products and solutions can help you drive your organization’s efficiency, productivity, profits, and more.

Introduction of RAY ALLEN IT Agility Solutions

A flagship event like Cisco Live brings together the best of the best of the industry. The RAY ALLEN team demonstrated our expanded platform support and analytics for Digital Migration Transformation.  As highlighted by our leadership: “Today’s enterprise is looking at the growing diversity of assets, data, tools and skills required in order to perform end to end IT Asset Management”, said Todd Ringleman, CEO of RAY ALLEN.  “Engaging with our customers, partners and the community at Cisco Live enables us with important feedback for our future development.  Our international presence reflects our progress and development of the global enterprise ecosystem; as well as our close alignment with Cisco Systems, a market leader in SDN and IT Agility solutions.”

Explore the Enterprise of the Future- Digital Transformation Scorecard

After attending Cisco Live Australia 2017, you clearly have an understanding of what the future of IT will look like, but also be able to proactively work in shaping it. Experts will give you an idea of how the future of security and networking will look like, and the present state of preparedness. Our new offering provides clarity, control and value to the enterprise- from install base true up and measurement, to consumption, management and tracking of the hardware and software assets and associated service contracts. This allows the enterprise leaders to focus their time and efforts in defining the transformation path to meet tomorrow’s IT functional and financial metrics of success.  Undoubtedly the RAY ALLEN solutions clarify the action plans to drive that measurable business impact.

In summary, the insights provided in the many sessions at the Cisco Live Australia conference empowered you with a broadened view of the ever-changing technology landscape, and the budding trends in it. Knowing these trends can make a huge difference in your organization’s business strategy. Feel free to contact us today to learn more – and we hope to see you at our upcoming tradeshows in the US in 2017!