In the past, we have highlighted the trends and outlook from top analysts in the IT management areas, as well as the keys to success in IT Asset Management. IT professionals have a variety of tools and technologies available to use, and the budget is always on top of mind as well as a measurement of success as well as forecasts for the future. If you have worked through all of these, we are sure that you have noticed how the top priorities in order to make your IT organization prepared and ready for the future is two simple items: people and processes.

The people in the organization are the energy to keep everything moving. This might begin with the vendor audits, budget analysis or reviewing the variety of installations and changes in the environment. They also are those reviewing the inventory of all IT Assets, reviewing tickets in the helpdesk staff and aligning the technologies and budgets with the current and future investments for the organization. They are often focused on minimizing the costs while also planning for the upcoming month, quarter or year of IT plans.

Processes are used to link together a variety of technologies and organizations, often with the focus of productivity in mind. The increase of data in the business, as well as how the success or failure is measured results in greater accountability and responsibility for the IT organizations. The increased power and influence that is being noticed from other organizations that spend significant shares in the budget have resulted in more pressure for the IT organization and overall efficiencies.

How are you working with this in your environment? Do you focus mostly on the people and processes, or how do you integrate your everyday operations with planning and communication across the organizations in the company? Share your stories of success with us and help others plan for the future.