As we continue on into Q4 of the Calendar year, the thoughts are in many minds of the future outlook. How are we going to finish the year? Is the end result going to be successful or challenging? Will we have to address changes again? The IT organization is not going to succeed or fail on only one topic; rather it requires three key factors that will all link together in the business: People, Process and Technology. The key link that ties those three together is Communication which is critical for success.

The People are essential – IT Asset Management is not possible to handle completely via software. The system must be in place and integrated into the business and the team’s roles and responsibilities for the best outcome. The management of documents, projects and assets is possible via the RAY ALLEN tools. The end result is the increased control and knowledge of your asset, as well as the lower costs overall (IT Overhead, staffing, etc.)

Processes are important to be successful, especially for the larger organizations. The same procedures and steps should be used by the teams across the globe, and that aligns with RACS Discovery, which provides you access into more data than many other online software management tools. The process begins in the initial audit and recording phase into the product acquisition, version control and updates and then later the retirement of the outdated assets and software.

IT Asset Management technology in RAY ALLEN’s solutions enables the customer to locate and track the IT devices wherever they are used, and to provide you with reports that give you critical information concerning the network. The tools include financial aspects as well, such as tracking RMAs and providing reports with complete transaction histories. It is not enough to know where the devices are located right now, your company needs to know where they have been and how they have been used, and that means you need more powerful IT asset management tools.

The RACSystem provides the communication link for you to connect the three factors (people, processes and technology) in an efficient manner. The RAY ALLEN tools deliver the information about your network and allow you to make IT decisions before they become critical to network operation and in perfect timing for the 4th Quarter of the year, when the numbers, reporting and recognition of everything is critical.