LAS VEGAS & CHICAGO, July 11, 2016 – Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, RAY ▪ ALLEN Inc announced new solutions that enable clients to protect their investments with a manageable and predictable technology spend.  The leaders of RAY ▪ ALLEN will exhibit their Asset Lifecycle Management solution, RACSystem, and the keys to success with your network transformation in Booth 1218.

The updates to their service portfolio include:

  • Future focus: Migration to Cisco One – we will tell you how, where and when to do that with your IT Assets and technology environment.
  • Cost reduction: RAY ▪ ALLEN eliminates the challenges with software compliance, hybrid and virtual networks, including software license portability.
  • Customer satisfaction: With RACSystem, customers can manage and update the dynamic global IT environments and assets anytime, anywhere.

“Today’s enterprise requires software to enable key business solutions with the flexibility of license migration from physical devices to virtual machines,” said Todd Ringleman, CEO of RAY ▪ ALLEN.  “Organizations require their own mix of information, from configuration and maintenance coverage to financial management including renewals and cost control.  The RACSystem provides customers a clear, flexible set of options with the range of services that the business will need.”

Cisco Live provides a showcase of the latest solutions from Cisco and sessions for business leaders from cloud and development programs to executive and service provider programs. The solutions from RAY ▪ ALLEN help enterprises manage their technology and spend in a predictable and consistent manner as the enterprise networks continue to evolve.

 About RAY ▪ ALLEN Inc.

RAY ▪ ALLEN is a global leader in enterprise asset management and recurring revenue solutions.  The company helps customers manage assets and IT investments via the RACSystem solution, which delivers information and updates to customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner throughout the asset lifecycle. The solutions save both time and expenses for the business by managing the maintenance contracts and financial implications such as procurement, accounting, software licenses and renewal agreements.  The platform is in production globally and supports virtually every manufacturer, working with the largest VARs as well as Fortune 2000 companies.  To learn more, please visit



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