RAY ALLEN, Inc. Introduces AgilityPlus

Digital Transformation Scorecard and New Services for Resellers will be showcased

LAS VEGAS – BUSINESSWIRE – Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s Annual IT and communications conference, RAY ALLEN INC will introduce the new AgilityPlus solution to optimize business outcomes from install base and service contract management.  The RAY ALLEN team will demonstrate the winning technology and its broader RACS™ platform for today’s enterprise digital transformation at Booth #323 of the annual World of Solutions exhibition floor.

“Today’s enterprises and resellers expect a cost effective solution for the entire install base”, said Todd Ringleman, CEO of RAY ALLEN.  “We are incorporating our unique expertise and insights to identify uncovered opportunities for resellers and support customer enterprise services through simple user experiences during this rapid evolution towards digital transformation.”

The increased visibility appears in the RAY ALLEN Digital Transformation Scorecard, which enables a KPI-driven view of the IT Install Base that ranges from financial true up and measurement, to detailed metrics of the IT Assets and their associated service contracts.  The RAY ALLEN AgilityPlus solution provides the baseline to drive the efficiencies through measurable business impact. Both enterprises and service providers will experience the benefit in the utilization of IT Assets from the new services and the ability to support dynamic updates in today’s always on environment.


RAY ALLEN is a global leader in enterprise asset management and recurring revenue solutions.  The company helps customers manage assets and IT investments via the RACSystem solution, which delivers information and updates to customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner throughout the asset lifecycle. The solutions bring IT agility to the business by managing the maintenance contracts and financial implications such as procurement, accounting, software licenses and renewal agreements.  The platform is in production globally and supports all OEMs, working with the largest VARs as well as Fortune 2000 companies.  To learn more, please visit www.rayalleninc.com


Rick Shepherd