Company executives will showcase the RAY ALLEN Control System (RACS) and Digital Migration Roadmap at Cisco Live Australia

MELBOURNE- BUSINESSWIRE – RAY ALLEN INC, the global leader in IT Asset Management will demonstrate its expanded platform support and analytics for Digital Migration Transformation at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre booth #18 at the Cisco Live Conference on March 7 -10.  The global event includes hundreds of sessions, the world of solutions exhibitions, and insights from insiders focused on technology’s role in driving business value.

“Today’s enterprise is looking at the growing diversity of assets, data, tools and skills required in order to perform end to end IT Asset Management”, said Todd Ringleman, CEO of RAY ALLEN.  “Engaging with our customers, partners and the community at Cisco Live enables us with important feedback for our future development.  Our international presence reflects our progress and development of the global enterprise ecosystem; as well as our close alignment with Cisco Systems, a market leader in SDN and IT Agility solutions.”

The innovative Digital Transformation Scorecard enables teams to provide clarity, control and value to the enterprise: beginning with IT Install Base true up and measurement, to consumption, management and tracking of hardware and software assets and their associated service contracts.  With this increased visibility, the enterprise leaders and their Cisco Partner can direct this business intelligence towards defining the transformation path required to meet new generation IT functional and financial metrics.  The RAY ALLEN solutions clarify the action plans to drive the transformation through measurable business impact.

During Cisco Live Australia, the RAY ALLEN leadership team will present best practices in lifecycle asset management for the global enterprise and introduce the new Digital Transformation Scorecard.  The new features will include product age analysis, operational costs, serviceability and utilization that enable customers to clearly score global sites and environments with risk profiles as part of the digital transformation required in today’s enterprise.  Attendees will also be able to learn more about business alignment and where IT asset utilization provides a measurement for IT agility in the broader organization through tracking, analytics and collaboration.


RAY ALLEN is a global leader in enterprise asset management and recurring revenue solutions.  The company helps customers manage assets and IT investments via the RACSystem solution, which delivers information and updates to customers in an efficient and cost-effective manner throughout the asset lifecycle. The solutions bring IT agility to the business by managing the maintenance contracts and financial implications such as procurement, accounting, software licenses and renewal agreements.  The platform is in production globally and supports all OEMs, working with the largest VARs as well as Fortune 2000 companies.  To learn more, please visit


Rick Shepherd