RAY ALLEN Inc. to Share Expertise at Technology Services World Conference

The current trends in technology services and solutions are dynamic and different. The Technology Services World Conference in Las Vegas October 17-19 will provide that education and networking opportunity for industry leaders to engage with others including the RAY ALLEN team in Booth 17.

The conference will begin with keynote presentations including Aligning for Growth and Outcomes and Customer Success: The Strategic, Financial and Organizational Journey both describing the new business models and outcomes in the technology as a service economies.  These will set the foundation for the upcoming days of speakers and presentations across the nine focus areas for today’s technology leaders.

The RAY ALLEN leaders will exhibit the RACSystem and other updates to their service offerings, including three main themes over the three days of the Expo:

  • Future focus: Migration to Cisco One – RAY ALLEN will explain how, where and when to conduct the migration with your technology environment and IT Assets.
  • Cost reduction: RAY ALLEN Solutions eliminate the challenges of software compliance, hybrid and virtual networks including the portability of software licenses.
  • Customer satisfaction: With RACSystem, customers can manage and update the dynamic IT environments and assets of today’s global enterprise anytime, from anywhere.

RAY ALLEN Inc. will share the experiences and advantages of the IT Asset Hardware/Software Licensing and Service Annuity management, including solutions that increase revenues and provide a true competitive advantage. The unique RAY ALLEN software, combined with account management services, provides a comprehensive audit process that ensures accurate inventories.  Visit Booth 17 for a demo next week!

To learn more about the TSW Expo and how you can advance your business and operations to the next level, explore the benefits of attending and sign up today!  This will include the industry panels and case studies, as well as the expo breakout and great networking among fellow technology leaders every day.