Today’s business leaders are facing the convergence of many decisions at once. Whether the power is in the business unit or the corporate office, or the budget is under the control of Finance or IT, there is no option to avoid the challenges faced in the competitive market today. From the global scope and system diversity, to the accuracy of the data and sales objectives, it requires an all hands approach to drive efficiencies and results for the customers and shareholders.

Global Scope and Systems
The pricing, contracts and incentives to align with compliance around the globe are extensive. It not only requires all of the departments (marketing, sales, and finance to name a few) to align, but also the senior leadership and management teams that review, report and recognize the data. The channel complexity is multiplied when this is placed in a multinational environment, utilizing the teams, budgets and regulations across many regions.

Data Accuracy
Companies require effective pricing strategies, ongoing deals and relationships to execute error-free sales and payments to avoid lost revenue. The mixture of manual processes across the business tend to be labor intensive, siloed and inflexible for the agile environment that is desired today. Risking compliance and regulatory controls is a concern for many organizations, especially with the increased number of transactions, assets and processes involved.

Successful Selling
The time required for the details in a sales quote is critical to the teams. The cost of an inaccurate quote can cost both the business and the client their future relationships. The direct impact of a manual or in-house system will be costly unless the business has deep customer management and technology expertise to align across the environment.

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