CMO and CIOs
The recent past has seen a lot of comparisons and contrasting of the CIO and CMO positions as well as their relevance to the organization. Gartner predicts that CMO’s are most likely to have a bigger budget share than their CIO counterparts in the organization. So what leads to this apparent shift? It seems like CIOs have been left to provide IT services in the organization while CMOs play the more direct role of enabling business in the organization. Marketing has shifted greatly to incorporate IT for their mobile, cloud, and other marketing platforms. A marketing executive in the past century cannot fit directly into the shoes of the current CMO. And while the market strives to empower the CMOs with the most recent and effective IT tools for their marketing roles, the CIO is left only with providing the IT services in the organization.

This situation may be uncomfortable for some; but again there are organizations in which the CIO plays the critical role of empowering the whole organization in realizing their goals. For these organizations, the role of the CIO could just be the key needed for an organization to realize its hidden potential. Such CIOs have often found themselves climbing the ladder to become CEOs in the organization.

So is the role of the CIO the one of a business enabler, service provider or even both? This question shades light on the different perspectives of CIOs in the marketplace. There are those who look at the role of CIO as that of being a business enabler while other look at it as the role of a service provider while yet others combine the two.

To be on the safe side, it is important that CIOs keep an open eye to the two and to the whole organizational system. There are benefits that could be gained with a keen eye on the details. There are also disruptions that could be easily identified and worked around by CIOs if they pay keen attention to the details.

Here are three disruptions that could derail the efforts of a CIO in being a business enabler or service provider:

Balance hierarchies and networks
While hierarchies are good for general organization and flow of command in the organization, there are times when hierarchies hurt the organization. Networks on the other hand are coming up strongly in complimenting and enabling more business opportunities and profits. The hierarchical way of management marks the traditional way of doing business and is characterized by a pyramid organizational structure. The red-tape that comes with this system tends to inhibit efficiency and effectiveness in the line of duty.

Just think of how much networks have impacted information flow! Imagine the old way that called for armies of reporters leaving media houses to collect stories as well as dispatch the written content. When compared to how social media and mobile platforms now serve as key channels through which the same is accomplished! Such networks cut on costs, save on time and achieve much more than any other army could!

Unbundling & Personalizing services and products
Bundling has been a strategy used by businesses to cut down on costs of packaging and delivery. Examples include the delivery of newspapers that contain different sections that make up for the copy; lifestyle paper, sports, auto-news etc. banks also bundled up their services at their retail branches. But with the coming of such technology as mobile technology, cloud and other platforms, businesses can now profit more through unbundling and personalization of services and products.

Go mobile
Statistics available indicate that there is a very high transition from the use of personal computers to the use of mobile gadgets as a tool for conducting business or even personal matters. Going mobile offers great opportunities for both the CIO as well as CMO. Doing business on the move increases profits, and turnover as well as saves on time. If mobile technology is ignored, there are likely to be disruptions in the profitability of business.

Everyone that is in business; CMO, CIO or even the CEO needs to critically look at the opportunities offered by IT and make the most of each of these opportunities. Connect with the team at RAY ALLEN today to discuss how we can help with your organization.