Today’s enterprises require agility to stay current and competitive.  They are continuously changing companies and we need to constantly refresh the underlying frameworks to help them succeed with diverse networks and locations around the globe.

Renewing services on schedule might seem obvious to many.  It is common practice for us to be aware of renewing services such as our healthcare or automotive insurance.  This same practice should be applied to your IT environment and investments.  The sense of solidification to the ideas and integration of those services in your enterprise lead to the stability and security of the business outlook.

Business Logic

The main decision is to choose to continue with your current service provider for the maintenance and support, or decide to work with another vendor’s product. What is your business environment in terms of the risk?  Working with the existing service provider allows a sense of familiarity for the business, its processes and procurement teams.  No switching time, no lapse in coverage or maintenance and the organization is able to focus on growing the business.

Changing a vendor can make a significant impact.  If the enterprise has conducted an analysis and understand the operations and expectations for updates and improvement relative to the changes, they are ready for the transition.  Operating as a change management leader requires clear communication across the IT constraints, budget forecasts and other legacy processes in the enterprise.  Working with an experienced team with transition like RAY ALLEN will clearly help you accommodate for those changes in process, procedures and budgets.

A smart move would be to simplify the logic behind renewals to create more opportunities and improve sales and share your vision of success. People are less likely to understand your motives and support you if they do not understand why they have to transform their old ways that have been fruitful for a long while.  With the specific facts and figures related to the buying patterns and expenses, it provides logical data points to share across the business leaders who make the decisions.  RAY ALLEN’s information analytics platform allows you to customize how your data is viewed, from the executive summary reports down to the line item details.

Business Decisions

It is very important to have the higher management’s approval and then spread the renewal philosophy to the chain of employees and clients. Collaborating across the business as well as up to the senior leadership team will serve as a strong foundation for the new plan and work with the new decision, whether it was a new agreement with your existing service provider, or the transition to a new vendor.  These decisions can impact the long term relationships and retention of customers and contracts.

Whatever decision or direction your enterprise might be exploring, it is important to continue your coverage and avoid a break in your protection.  The RAY ALLEN team has our Headlight Approach to achieve optimal process performance and we hope that we can provide a mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship between you, your service partners and our solutions.  Contact us today to work with your IT staff to simplify the services and view your environment at the macro level your leadership and auditors will view, rather than on a transactional product basis.