Regardless of the mixed weather conditions around the US, we are approaching the Spring season and have moved our clocks forward by one hour already. St. Patricks Day festivities took place over the weekend including here in our hometown of Chicago! Wearing the color green is expected to bring you good luck, and in alignment with the season, is your network in a green condition right now?

Green in Data Quality
One of the main requirements in any IT Asset Management solution is to locate and share the data points. This impacts both the internal license management but also the outside groups and impacts from billing, support and maintenance. The different metrics are usually shared among cross-functional teams where the strategy, budget and relationships are all connected. RACS provides a simplified, updated experience to present this data to the team on an ongoing basis in including the dollar value of the assets, risk assessment, and inventory.

Green in Preparation
IT Asset Management requires preparation. It cannot be based on simply data analysis or reactions. The IT leadership has planning cycles, both financial and operational. The People, Processes and Technology are all required to prepare for all changes, whether it is positive growth of the business or a natural disaster as we highlighted in a recent post.

Green in Financial Impact
The end result and key measurement in the CIO organization is financial. We have discussed the challenges that are faced in the vendor audits as well as financial/compliance audits that are expected by many. While the prime concern is usually lack of coverage, there is also the option of an organization being over-compliant due to the variety of locations and purchasing teams. Utilizing the best tools and customer feedback, RACS is simple and easy to integrate with your existing financial reporting systems, helping your team avoid spending that might be better suited for R&D or Innovation in your business.

While there is a well-known quote from Edison “Success is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration”, you have to have the correct team, technology and timing in place to ensure that the success will continue into the future. The new IT leadership works with the various IT Assets and solutions such as RACS to ensure that the data, processes and budgets are aligned for the business. Is your IT organization Green and springing forward into 2013 with success? Share your stories.