Management is well aware of the silo effect. This is due to the lack of communication and connections across the many layers and levels of employees and efforts. While organizational structure and processes are critical to success in many companies, we want to avoid the feeling of walls and division of information that might limit the solutions and exploration that is required for innovation to be successful in the business. We will highlight four areas where barriers are known to occur in the organization:

I = Information
The challenge here is the minimal amount of information and outside insights that is shared in the team. Without understanding goals and objectives and overall team strategy/mission, it limits their knowledge. In today’s workforce, the knowledge workers are known to be the most empowered and successful in the organization, prepared to ask questions and understand the details.

D = Direction
Where is the strategy for the overall business? Are we moving to the regional or global mode? Where is the decision making taking place? Is there a broad understanding across all of the teams and organization to enable the employees to act accordingly in terms of their performance and priorities? Take action to ensure that communication is open and you have shared the corporate strategy.

E = Executive Alignment
Now that we are aware of the direction for the company and information that we can access, where are the executives in comparison? Aligning the organization from the top to the ground level of workers to the structure and priorities for your business is helpful to minimize confusion and duplication of effort.

A = Access
Employees are often concerned with moving ahead without the approval or access provided by their management. If they are not coached and encouraged to move based on their thoughts and insights already, they are likely shy in sharing the ideas and insights and new styles of working. By providing the right access to the information, organization and direction it will help the individuals find their own pathway to success

Clearly rewards and recognition help to drive and incent the performance in the team. A recommended action would be to call out those team members who are now acting in the best interest of the business, aligned with the strategy and showing how they have taken the initiative to act and move forward on the suggestion. When employees are able to avoid the confusion of silos and act accordingly, success should follow. If you are looking for help with your alignment and strategies for your IT organization and IT Assets, please contact the RAY ALLEN team today