IT Budgeting in the Data Centric Enterprise of Today

Traditionally, enterprises were valued based on their balance sheets and on the analysis of their future revenue potential. Silicon Valley businesses defy that system. Modern enterprises derive their value from the number of users they have, the personal data – size, type, and quality of data – they collect from their users, and the usefulness […] Read More

Top Five Tech Trends for 2015

Every business desires to be the leader of their industry in 2015.  It will take time to study and make prepare for every opportunity that will present itself for their gain. Technology has proved beyond reasonable doubt that it offers the necessary leverage when used strategically for magnificent performance. In this blog we share the […] Read More

CFO Accuracy: Analytics, Insights and Communication

With accuracy at the source point, CFOs have a burden to ensure that there are efficient and effective systems that will process the data. The conversation going on the world over is on big data, but we cannot underestimate the value of small data. Organizations need to invest in data infrastructure, analytics tools, personnel and […] Read More

Hybrid IT, Actionable Analytics and Integrated Ecosystems

According to the Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013, there are many strategic technologies that will have a significant impact in the next three years. As we have noticed in the overall evolution in IT, disruptions are taking place and those who will not adapt will over time fail. The team at RAY […] Read More