Asset Lifecycle Management

Business Alignment: Requires IT Cost Transparency

While IT cost transparency has been the quest for many CIOs, one is tempted to say that so far, it has been elusive to many. So how do we define the term ‘IT cost transparency’ when used in the context of enterprise IT and its operations? IT cost transparency is defined as the knowledge of […] Read More

IT Relevance for Future Success: Agile and Adaptive

This year, the reading of the budget in Britain brought with it great anxiety as the OBR expects Britain’s economy to be larger than when it collapsed into a recession six years ego. You can be sure the last six years have been challenging-there were the high and mighty companies that commanded great respect in […] Read More

Cisco Live 2014 Recap

RAY ALLEN has provided solutions for customers with Cisco environments since its beginning 10 years ago. We were proud to present at the 2014 Cisco Live conference in San Francisco and highlight Asset Lifecycle Management and Total Care Solutions in Booth 223, sharing the success stories which address the technical, administrative, financial and legal components […] Read More

Control and Compliance in IT Asset Management

Today’s IT environment is dynamic and always changing. The complexity is increasing with the global expansion and number of sites to manage, as well as the diversity of software/hardware vendors to address. The varieties also exist with the different vendors and the types of rules to align with the license as well as the company’s […] Read More

What can you accomplish in 10 years?

Not only is 2014 off to a great success for the team at RAY ALLEN, but in March we are kicking off the 10 year anniversary celebration over 10 months in 2014! “Ten years ago I cofounded RAY ALLEN INC with the mission of streamlining IT Asset Management for the global enterprises to make them […] Read More

Business Value of IT

Senior Leadership has organized a new set of metrics that the management team must follow, and also distributed the expectations for the new year. The fast paced environment that many organizations are used to has allowed the IT spend to grow as fast as or faster than the revenues. However, in today’s economy, the investments […] Read More

2013 Year in Review – RAY ALLEN INC

As many are on winter break, we wanted to share a quick reflection and review of 2013. It was a great year of growth and expansion in both products and people. Products The business sense of all of the data obtained and managed by RACS enables our customers to make the right decision with operational […] Read More

Revenue Management and IT Asset Management

Today’s business leaders are facing the convergence of many decisions at once. Whether the power is in the business unit or the corporate office, or the budget is under the control of Finance or IT, there is no option to avoid the challenges faced in the competitive market today. From the global scope and system […] Read More

Thanks to the CIO metrics and data

As we are on the week of Thanksgiving, we realize how thankful we are for the business that we have. Like many companies, RAY ALLEN INC was started as a small business, with some great ideas and the passion to pursue those goals and objectives. As a variety of contacts and meetings will develop – […] Read More