CIO Priorities

The Innovation Potential of your Team

The ability to generate new ideas and products which result in continued business success is not limited to the talents of a select few. Rather, it’s innate potential in each employee that can be unlocked with the right company processes and support. Any business that succeeds in being innovative is sure to enjoy greater efficiency […] Read More

Success with Business Led IT

The last few decades have witnessed a massive investment of talents and resources in technological advancements, as various companies strive to realize their mission and vision. To this end, most businesses have created IT departments for their corporations, and have continued to fund them, to enhance the installation and operation of various software and technologies. […] Read More

Customer Centric Companies: Guidance for today’s CIOs

For a long time now IT has been serving the internal business customers who then serve the organization’s customers. Well there has been a great shift. Such days are long gone, CIOs are now in the era ‘the Age of the customer’. When compared to the age of information that lasted for almost two decades, […] Read More

IT Leadership Transparency

The current market has taken a shift for the IT leadership. Gone are the days when information about leaders and their practices was a preserve of the top and mighty. The shift in the digital divide has literally changed goals posts. People have information about their employers, companies and products just a click or a […] Read More

Business Alignment: Requires IT Cost Transparency

While IT cost transparency has been the quest for many CIOs, one is tempted to say that so far, it has been elusive to many. So how do we define the term ‘IT cost transparency’ when used in the context of enterprise IT and its operations? IT cost transparency is defined as the knowledge of […] Read More

Improving the IT organization – Does That Start at the Top?

There have been shocking revelations from the McKinsey research about IT. There has been a “growing dissatisfaction” with IT performance. This observation is from both users and the IT ranks in the organization. Surprisingly, a third of the respondents to this research who were IT leaders believed that replacing their own leadership was key for […] Read More