CIO Strategy

The Taxonomy of Software Licenses

What is a Software License? How is it different from an Entitlement? What different types of Software Licenses are there? Welcome to the second installment of our Software License Management series where we will be exploring the basic taxonomy of Software Licensing and what it means to you, the consumer. So, let us get started […] Read More

Who Owns Your ITAM?

IT asset management can do wonders for your company. It can improve security, expedite digital transformation, and accurately forecast IT budgets. As IT asset management adapts to the convergence of hardware and software, vendors are increasingly offering ITAM practices with partners who prioritize vendor revenue over end users. It’s important to keep in mind that […] Read More

Success with Business Led IT

The last few decades have witnessed a massive investment of talents and resources in technological advancements, as various companies strive to realize their mission and vision. To this end, most businesses have created IT departments for their corporations, and have continued to fund them, to enhance the installation and operation of various software and technologies. […] Read More

Communication of IT Costs

As discussed in our recent post, IT cost transparency is defined as the knowledge of how business usage impacts the costs that are associated to IT. With the transition of IT into the new cloud and virtual systems, it is seen as a critical requirement for acceptance both inside the organization as well as outside. […] Read More

Business Alignment: Requires IT Cost Transparency

While IT cost transparency has been the quest for many CIOs, one is tempted to say that so far, it has been elusive to many. So how do we define the term ‘IT cost transparency’ when used in the context of enterprise IT and its operations? IT cost transparency is defined as the knowledge of […] Read More

IT Relevance for Future Success: Agile and Adaptive

This year, the reading of the budget in Britain brought with it great anxiety as the OBR expects Britain’s economy to be larger than when it collapsed into a recession six years ego. You can be sure the last six years have been challenging-there were the high and mighty companies that commanded great respect in […] Read More

Managing Your IT Budget

“Could you trim down your costs?” this has often been the response to many CIOs when they present their budget for the economic year in their company. The pressure to deliver value in the organizations cannot be any higher than it is with each passing day, but even greater is the pressure to decrease the […] Read More

Changes are predicted for the CIO

Possible removal of the “C” in the CIO role There have been several researches done in the IT world that have sent serious messages across the IT world. There are warning signs to the effect that the CIO role could be undergoing major changes that may lead to a decline in the power attributed to […] Read More

Improving the IT organization – Does That Start at the Top?

There have been shocking revelations from the McKinsey research about IT. There has been a “growing dissatisfaction” with IT performance. This observation is from both users and the IT ranks in the organization. Surprisingly, a third of the respondents to this research who were IT leaders believed that replacing their own leadership was key for […] Read More

Three ways of increasing IT value in the organization

According to Intel leaders, there are three ways through which IT’s value can be increased in an organization. We thought they would be interesting to share as they are applicable across many organizations and industries. Understanding the customer The customer is anyone who receives the end product of the business. To add value to an […] Read More