How to Lead Effectively in Times of Change

“Adapt or die” say the rules of evolution, and what brilliant rules they are. You only need to take a glimpse at companies such as Blockbuster to see what happens when companies refuse to change and evolve with the times – they become irrelevant and die. However, changing your company requires a leader who can […] Read More

Leadership Credibility

Through the years I’ve been asked quite a few times about the methods through which I establish my credibility as a leader especially since more often than not I’m privileged to work with individuals whom I consider smarter than myself and even geniuses. To this my reply always begins with “EGO”. I personally think that […] Read More

Struggling with Millennials

“Kids these days.” We’ve all heard the saying. Maybe we’ve even said it ourselves. It’s generally used to describe younger generations of workers who have a worldview different from ours. More often, it’s used to complain about work ethic or style choices. But it also describes our lack of understanding of what younger generations offer […] Read More

Managing Teams in Growth Stages

Your tiny shop has graduated to burgeoning startup, meeting head on the challenges of shipping product and dazzling customers. It’s an exciting, satisfying feeling! Everyone on your team is buzzing. Things look great, and your job as a manager is . . . Well, it’s different. Your days are filling with administrative headache. People get […] Read More

Look for Strong Communicators When Hiring Remote Employees

Do you have anxiety about remote workers? Does it feel riskier because you can’t walk down the hall and see what they’re doing? That’s a common worry, but it might be misplaced. Unless you continually monitor your employees with cameras and network tracking software, you’re still extending a high level of trust, regardless of their […] Read More

CFO Accuracy: Analytics, Insights and Communication

With accuracy at the source point, CFOs have a burden to ensure that there are efficient and effective systems that will process the data. The conversation going on the world over is on big data, but we cannot underestimate the value of small data. Organizations need to invest in data infrastructure, analytics tools, personnel and […] Read More