IT Strategy

The Taxonomy of Software Licenses

What is a Software License? How is it different from an Entitlement? What different types of Software Licenses are there? Welcome to the second installment of our Software License Management series where we will be exploring the basic taxonomy of Software Licensing and what it means to you, the consumer. So, let us get started […] Read More

Who Owns Your ITAM?

IT asset management can do wonders for your company. It can improve security, expedite digital transformation, and accurately forecast IT budgets. As IT asset management adapts to the convergence of hardware and software, vendors are increasingly offering ITAM practices with partners who prioritize vendor revenue over end users. It’s important to keep in mind that […] Read More

Bringing the Spark into IT

Bringing the spark into IT can be difficult at the best of times. Although your employees may like their jobs, being stuck behind a desk for hours a day doesn’t exactly tend to excite people in the way you would like. At the core of it all, your employees need to feel engaged, interested and […] Read More

Success when working with Silos – Follow the IDEA

Management is well aware of the silo effect. This is due to the lack of communication and connections across the many layers and levels of employees and efforts. While organizational structure and processes are critical to success in many companies, we want to avoid the feeling of walls and division of information that might limit […] Read More

Three ways of increasing IT value in the organization

According to Intel leaders, there are three ways through which IT’s value can be increased in an organization. We thought they would be interesting to share as they are applicable across many organizations and industries. Understanding the customer The customer is anyone who receives the end product of the business. To add value to an […] Read More

Role of CIO: Business Enabler or Service Provider

CMO and CIOs The recent past has seen a lot of comparisons and contrasting of the CIO and CMO positions as well as their relevance to the organization. Gartner predicts that CMO’s are most likely to have a bigger budget share than their CIO counterparts in the organization. So what leads to this apparent shift? […] Read More

Expanding the Strategic Role of the CIO and IT

The role of CIO and IT in the recent past cannot be underestimated-in fact, to many organizations, their role has been critical. The world of business has kept on transforming and as such the roles of CIO and IT have to keep in tandem with the market changes. The shifts in relation to such terms […] Read More

Thanks to the CIO metrics and data

As we are on the week of Thanksgiving, we realize how thankful we are for the business that we have. Like many companies, RAY ALLEN INC was started as a small business, with some great ideas and the passion to pursue those goals and objectives. As a variety of contacts and meetings will develop – […] Read More