The Four Impacts of Big Data in the Enterprise

How sure are you that a startup located thousands of miles away in a remote corner of the world is not silently creating technology that will disrupt your industry? Well, that’s the question that CEOs of all major companies, not just the tech companies, are asking themselves. After all, the businesses that Uber, Amazon, and […] Read More

CIOs – Accelerating Change in the Business

Years ago, the CIO in most enterprises were always on the outlook for any hidden projects or investments taking place within the business that had not obtained their approvals and controls. This might have started with a new email software, monitoring social media, or big data storage to name a few of the recent investment […] Read More

Why IT Asset Management Is Essential

A question that is active out there is why ? Why is IT Asset Management important for my business and IT environment? IT Asset Management allows you to run your business without becoming a full networking or IT company in the process. The RACSystem allows you to put more effort into other daily business activities […] Read More

Gartner Study – Priority Skills for IT Asset Management Leaders

The latest trends in IT Asset Management will be explored at the upcoming Gartner Summit in September, where RAY ▪ ALLEN is an exhibitor and Silver Sponsor.  As the role of asset management grows along with the demand of the skills associated, Gartner has identified six skills that are critical for the leaders in ITAM […] Read More

Booth Presence at Cisco Live Conference and New iPad App

The RAY ▪ ALLEN team participated in the recent Cisco Live conference in San Diego with presence in Booth #2538.  The RACSystem solutions were available for demo, and the team was excited to share the innovations and experience with the attendees. Cisco Live attracted over 17,000 professionals to learn about new technologies from Cisco and […] Read More