As we are on the week of Thanksgiving, we realize how thankful we are for the business that we have. Like many companies, RAY ALLEN INC was started as a small business, with some great ideas and the passion to pursue those goals and objectives. As a variety of contacts and meetings will develop – the business has approached a great position today, providing services to clients with points of presence in nearly every country in the world.

The CIOs of today are focused on the bottom line, with close relationships and dependencies on their peers’ teams, primarily in marketing and operations where many of the new requirements and metrics are requested. Addressing the key elements to understand what is present, what is required, and where there might be duplicate investments or data, is key to driving down costs in the budget-conscious world of today. Metrics and data are critical to this, and IT Asset Management solutions such as RACS provide that real time, updated and forward looking perspective for the enterprise to manage and forecast accurately.

2014 has an active and aggressive outlook for many. Based on a recent survey 28% of the respondents will see increases of 5% or more while 33% will remain flat. The interdepartmental links and relationships are only validated when 58% reported charging back to business units over 40% of the IT budget as the landscape and metrics for success are constantly evolving into a more real time, data driven environment.

So, as you are planning, delegating or executing responsibilities around the organization’s technology goals and objectives, keep in mind the business directives associated with each of these and assign the right tracking, details and resources associated. The alignment of the CIO and IT organization to the overall business and bottom line have only become a blurred bundle with the CFO and financial plans in the recent years. If you should be evaluating a partner to work with your IT assets and managing the inventory, coverage and contracts associated, please contact the RAI team today for more information on our innovative solutions.