Not only is 2014 off to a great success for the team at RAY ALLEN, but in March we are kicking off the 10 year anniversary celebration over 10 months in 2014!

“Ten years ago I cofounded RAY ALLEN INC with the mission of streamlining IT Asset Management for the global enterprises to make them more efficient and successful,” said Todd Ringleman, CEO of RAY ALLEN INC. “We were inspired by the diversity of needs across large enterprise customers across financial, hospitality, and retail industries and then established relationships with amazing partners like telecom carriers, consulting firms, and distributors to continue the growth and expansion.”

We began with less than ten employees in our business, and were initially managing only US Customers. Now we are managing over 5 million assets across environments on a global scale with the reach, response and records always growing and improving. We are honored that we now have relationships with 25 partners to help expand that impact via the number of enterprises, locations and assets that are managed.

The RACS solution is a great benefit not only to the procurement and IT teams, but many others in the business. This is based on our ability to track assets through the lifecycle, from plans to purchase all the way to the removal of the IT asset from the live environment. Recent innovations in the solution include detailed information for the migration path of an asset when it should reach the end of life (EOL) stage. Specifically, recommendations are provided on the suggested device to migrate to for your environment.

Last but not least, we understand the financial and budget concerns and reviews that take place in the enterprise. In the last year, we have added a predictive pricing section in RACS, providing detailed insight into the pricing patterns by manufacturer, including what assets will experience price increases and when. A detailed algorithm is used by the RAY ALLEN team to calculate this information.

The last ten years have had a great evolution for the business and products associated, from the evolution in our tagline to the technologies that we create. RACS is now a full lifecycle solution, providing tracking for hardware orders of multiple manufacturers, predictive pricing, end of sale or end of life information, and migration to name a few. As a company we have evolved from simply IT Asset Management to the management and oversight from the planning phase into management and controls.

None of this would be possible without all of the RAY ALLEN INC employees, both past and present who dedicate their time and talents into building this company. We look forward to helping you accomplish more in your business with the efficiencies and savings that our solutions provide.