A question that is active out there is why ? Why is IT Asset Management important for my business and IT environment? IT Asset Management allows you to run your business without becoming a full networking or IT company in the process. The RACSystem allows you to put more effort into other daily business activities to drive success in your business, while RAY ALLEN will take care of the network.

The framework for complete network management is in the IT Asset Management functionality. From planning the network to replacing older equipment or keeping the network operating, it enables you to keep network costs as low as possible. IT asset management is used for many things, including:

• Hardware inventory
• Software licensing
• Lifecycle management

It evaluates a series of components in your network, each one with a specific lifespan and maintenance requirements. Over time, IT asset management enables you to plan for upgrades and product retirement in way that does not infringe on the network. Without asset management, network failures would be more common, and the costs could include such things as data loss and breaches in network security.

A majority of IT asset management is done using specialized software that queries all devices on the network and creates a map of network components, their conditions, and current state of operation. One facet of IT asset management is to create a blueprint of the network so that all components are easily identified and located on the physical network. After all, knowing you have the equipment does not help unless you know where that equipment is located and how well it is performing. RAY ALLEN has enabled multinational customers to view all of the critical information in one easy user experience and it is refreshed on a daily basis via RACS Discovery.

Instead of hiring a dedicated staff to handle your IT asset management needs, consider a working with RAY ALLEN which brings the experience you need to the table from day one.